Tuesday, June 18, 2013


If it were two days earlier
it's safe to assume my wet
steps could be seen dragging
down the street, wrapping it
firmly to a cold, uncaring Earth.

Two days later would be something else,
entire stones going unstamped,
nameless faces in the crowd as I
sprint by rustling trees, commuters
and my own shadow, by then a mere footnote

from a book I would read on days like today,
in-between days in between places,
a day whose backwards steps can be traced
through the centuries, perhaps a taciturn penance
Gregorians thought little of from their damp, grey cells

Note: While Wednesday is commonly considered the third day of the week in the Gregorian calendar and subsequently in ISO standards, this is actually one day earlier than what it had been in older systems - such as the Mesopotamian calendar - which the Gregorian calendar came to replace in many parts of the world.

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